The Brig - September 2023

The Brig - September 2023

A Word From The Minister....

It Is Well

In recent days we have been confronted with the outcome of one of the most high profile national court cases ever in the UK. I doubt many of us will ever forget the name Lucy Letby, as it reverberates memories of headlines about the most prolific convicted child-killer in our nation's history. We are of course, used to receiving a torrent of terrible news via every available channel. But, I venture to say, this was different. In some ways we can wrap our heads around killings caused by intoxication, jealous rage, and or gang warfare. But the repeated killing of the most helpless and vulnerable imaginable little ones is altogether too much to comprehend.

How could anyone possibly say, 'it is well' knowing such evil exists in the world? Does it not just sound like a trite saying that Christians mindlessly cast out? Perhaps it can be used that way. But it can also be a bulwark of hope and grace in the face of tragedy.

C. H Spurgeon, one of our nation's greatest ever preachers, dealt masterfully with this exact pastoral issue in sermon from 1961 about the women in 2 Kings 4. The women is asked by the prophet Elisha 'is it well' about her dear son, who had by now succumbed to a sudden death. She answers, full of faith, 'It is well'. Spurgeon spells out the hope we in God that tender little ones, be they infants or children, carry with them the assurance that God's care for them assures us it is well with their souls: 'no doubt, in some mysterious manner the Spirit of God regenerates the infant soul, and it enters into glory made meet to be a partaker of the inheritance of the saints in light'.

This precious truth doesn't take away the suffering of the families, the senseless and evil loss of life, or horrible injustice. It doesn't answer why such evil is permitted. But it is something to know that our little ones are precious in the sight of the Lord, and despite mankind's worst assault, there is nothing that can separate them from the love of God.

May God protect and bless you, and all whom you love and pray for.


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