Hatton Boxing Classes

Hatton Boxing Classes

Fun, Fitness and Focus

Do you want to improve your physical and mental health, be part of a community, learn new skills and have some fun? Hatton Boxing Classes are an opportunity to do all of these!

In these classes you will learn the basics of boxing, get a challenging workout and enjoy a sense of achievement with your classmates.

The classes are one hour, each Wednesday at 7pm in the church hall.

Each class combines a mixture of cardio, strength, tabata and and endurance exercises for a demanding but unforgettable workout.

Working in pairs, you will be guided to help improve your technique and also learn how to hold the pads safely and effectively for others.

Classes are 14+ and £5 per session and take place at Erskine Parish Church, 1 Rashielee Drive, PA8 6HS.

Next weeks class list is available below, and you can easily reserve your spot quickly and securely using our online booking system.

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