The Brig - March 2023

The Brig - March 2023

A Word From The Minister....

Dear members and adherents,

We hope and pray you enjoy this new supplement as part of our church's growing work.

The last few years have seen us face multiple challenges, yet we continue to have much to give thanks for. Above all, we are blessed to be part of a busy and active local church which indicates to us God still has a purpose and work for us to do here.

We cannot stress enough how much we in church leadership appreciate you- your continued support and prayers for our church. The pandemic changed and affected many of our connections but we want this short publication to be a way of bridging- from us to you, and have us all share a sense of community.

Speaking of building bridges, one good thing that's come from the pandemic is the many ways we have found to do this. Between our CD, social media and Youtube ministries we continue to connect with new folks and see growth. And we want to steward and cultivate that growth as faithfully as we can. 

For so many now, the internet is where they spend increasing amounts of time. This reality has led to an exciting new project the Kirk Session are hoping to deliver. 
In March we took the decision to increase the visibility of our church : with new signs on the building, some high quality images of our church life, and an improved website.

We want to build on the years of good work within our community and our growing online presence by investing in our church's image- to continue to be a beacon of hope for all who stumble upon us. We want the congregation to partner with us to help see the results of these improvements so we are setting up a new fundraising target of £5000 (or 4 miles in pennies) in order to achieve this. If it's something you feel led to give to, please make a donation to the Church Image Project (or mile of pennies) and hopefully we can work together to see what the new spruce up will bring.

Please also get in touch if I can serve or help you or your loved ones at any time. 

Yours in Christ 
Rev David Nicolson

The Brig - March 2023 Edition

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